Saturday 8 October 2016

Fig 'o' Fab

After the installation of my swanky new bathroom last week, and what seems like months of shampooing in the kitchen sink, I decided to close the door on those grey miserable home decor clouds and took a much needed break to the place that is a guaranteed ‘pick me up’; aka the beauty hall in Fenwick, Newcastle.

Floating on air between Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel I felt myself again. Floating soon turned to pondering which in turn became purchasing and the purchase in question – Laura Mercier French Vanilla Honey Bath. The legs eleven blonde beauty assures me this is the must have tote bag of the bath world. As she tells of the Kadota fig and creamy sandalwood ingredients I’m handing over the American Express and taking my thirty pound debatable bargain home.
Hours later the candles are lit, the music is playing and my most expensive bath is prepared and awaiting contemplation. Three D’s come to mind: delicious, delectable and decadent. This product is most definitely drool-worthy and deserves a genuine top spot in any bathroom. It is sinfully scented with bourbon vanilla, caramel and indeed the Kadota fig, with a hint of milk chocolate, musk…. (must I go on?) And to finish it off your very own wooden honey dripper is included. For utter chic relaxation look no further ladies. Thirty pounds may be an indulgence, but an indulgence worth spent. My advice is, indulge yourself too.
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