Tuesday 22 November 2016

Trends to try: Layering

A/W 2016's top-line fashion trends have been wildly different from each other, but each individually supercharged with one major element - creative electricity. That may sound obvious. Of course designers switch things up each and every season to offer new and exciting things, but there's something about the industry right now that's pushing boundaries and offering up new sartorial ground to be stomped upon.

The fashion world is in a major state of flux: the concept of see now, buy now, is increasingly important (well, you don't want to wait, do you?), and many designers and super-brands are also rethinking not only how they present their collections but when and to whom. The old-school fashion calendar or idea of the runway show is being pinched and tweaked into new forms, and this overdue disruption has sparked an inventive energy - one that results in seriously covetable clothes, whether outré and bold or honed to perfection for everyday wear, without scrimping on luxe detailing or points of difference.

That said, all fashion editors are in agreement that now is the time to be you - take A/W 16's trends and make them your own. Mix and match if you want to. Wear them head to toe if you want to. If you've always harboured a love for dramatic costuming, now is your time. Or major purists out there who only wear white and black? That's entirely cool too. Individualism is seriously on trend.
I think us Brits always manage to look good for the autumn and winter, but lately there has been a problem with keeping warm. Since we want to wear transparent looks, it only makes sense to wear something underneath as well. At DKNY, layers are full and sometimes even absurd, throwing a transparent lace dress over a bandeau top and masculine pants, a lace turtleneck appearing under the velvet brocade at the chest. It looks as if three different looks have been thrown together, worn one on top of the others, and presented as the latest trend. But hey, if the shoe fits…
So fancy taking the layering trend for a spin but need some inspo? We all know everyone can wear a skirt over pants or double up on tops, but these style-savvy women have figured out how to completely transform classic layering, taking an outfit to a whole new level with unconventional layers. Complex, interesting and ideal for those in-between days when it’s impossible to predict what the temperature’s going to do next, check out these layered looks before you decide what to throw on next. You just might have to throw something else on top of it.

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