Thursday 23 March 2017

Scandiavian Style

I am a big fan of minimal design. And I become instantly smitten with any Scandinavian interior. Those clean lines and monochrome tones had me at hello, so much so they inspired me to reconsider my own home styling for a modern version of contemporary stripped-back Scandi aesthetic. I mean what is it with those Scandinavians, anyway? Maybe all the time they spend inside during those long northern winters helps to account for the fact that everyone in Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway has an absolutely perfect home. (At least according to the design blogs I read, anyway.) But I have to say, with subtle heaven-white aesthetics to appease and match with even the most demanding of tastes, Scandi décor is by far one of the easiest styles to recreate.

Your home is your sanctuary where you rest, breathe sighs of relief and gather with family so your space must be inviting and warm while maintaining simplicity. You might think that contradictory, but I assure you that Scandinavian decorating excels in both. So I've saved you the leg work and brought together a few of my design go-to ideas that will enliven your Scandi décor, creating a home that is comfortable, functional and nurturing to those simple hearts.

Layering Textures
A great place to start in Scandinavian decor is with textures. Since there isn’t a lot of extra to see in the way of furnishings, it’s a great help to have linens and different types of weaves. Add a jute rug under the coffee table; toss a sweater-like throw blanket on the couch; add a chair with a linen weave. Go ahead. Go for the patterned rug. As long as it’s something striped or geometric, it will only add to your Scandinavian decor game.
Keep Cosy
Speaking of textures, faux fur is another must in your Scandi home makeover. It comes in so many different shades that it’s easy to have two; a light colour for summer and a darker shade for winter. Faux fur adds instant interest and warmth to any room so grab the pillows or throw the rug in the corner by the comfy chair.
Knock on Wood
A piece or two featuring wood is a great way to stay neutral and be natural at the same time and it will definitely aid your Scandinavian decor goal. Leather backed wooden chairs are an instant hit bringing a rustic look without looking over-worn. Toss a sheepskin blanker over the back and ta dah!
Monochrome Artwork
It’s no surprise the Swedes turn towards monochrome artwork, considering their homes often tend to stay in the realm of black and white, and I love to see graphic artwork interspersed amongst more colourful pieces.
Wood Tents 
What kid wouldn't want to fall asleep under a cute, wood-stick tent? Finnish interior designers love tented canopies over monochrome beds. Here’s hoping this playful trend makes its way to the UK.
Black and White Stripes
After years of chevron, I am eager for stripes to make a comeback - especially if they’re simple black and white - the most famous Scandi combo.
Pops of Colour
Blue is the colour of Copehnagen and Scandinavia’s favourite accent shade. And make it a bright blue that stands out brilliantly against the black, white and wood.
Let there be Light
There’s an ethereal feel to giant paper lanterns, a sideways take on a traditional chandelier and can create a rather whimsical effect. Copper lights are also very common in Scandinavia and the perfect way to showcase this seasons hottest metal.
A Touch of Grey
Scandinavian design usually centres upon a stark, black and white aesthetic - which is why the inner Scandi in me is excited to see grey walls making a comeback. They provide the same neutral, monochromic appeal, but dial it back a few notches.
Light as a Feather
Feathers seem to have caught on a little here in the UK but I’m excited to see a full-blown feather epidemic in Sweden. (But lets go with fake feathers, okay?)
At One with Nature
Last but not least, add some life. Leafy greens will be the perfect final touch to your Scandinavian living room. Plants give your home a pop of green and something to make you smile when the weather is grey. A green friend in a basket will fill an empty corner, and smaller plants in concrete pots can give a little delight to a bookshelf or coffee table. And a final note on all things green...we have lived through the succulent phase and it is now time to welcome cacti into our lives. Have them little or big, either way they bring a cheerful burst of green into a monochrome world.
The feeling of a cosy home is second to none and Scandinavians manage to do style and comfort effortlessly - but so can you. The value of simplicity is woven through every room in a Scandinavian house, which is why the understated Scandinavian design is the trend of the year for me, and should be for you too.



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